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Netcoin is a global cryptocurrency that was created in September, 2013. Originally based on litecoin’s coin core, it has since been developed and upgraded to include custom coin code making it unique from every other crypto.


Netcoin was originally developed from a hybrid of litecoin and peercoin. Since then, it has grown and been developed to meet the demands of the community, including extensive custom coin work including PIR and OWI (see below)

Netcoin is a POW/POS Scrypt hybrid:

  • 120 second block time
  • POW rewards are static @ 15 coins per block

Netcoin Implemented POS after input from the community.


  • 120s block time
  • 1 hour minimum age
  • 30 day max age
  • 50 confirmations for minted blocks
  • 90 day half life for non active staking

Personal Investment Rate is a unique code to NET that helps protect the users, coin, and reward everyone who holds NET and actively participates in securing the Network.

Open Wallet Incentive (OWI) is a new algorithm designed by NetCoin core team to provide incentive for NetCoin users to participate in staking more by keeping their wallets open. OWI continues to reward users for their ownership and activity of NetCoin. What sets OWI apart is the ongoing reward (or interest rate) that’s applied. Rather than having a static reward that stops, NETs continues to reward (that declines with time).

How it works:- Users should stake once each month to earn highest possible rewards. This incentivises running full nodes to increase POS security. The coin percentage slows after 1 month with an aging half life of 90 days.

Netcoin was one of the first to not have a premine. What this means is that the developers of the original coin code made announcements of the coin’s release, and did not mine any coins before the official launch. Often, coin creators would premine a number of coins for a myriad of reasons (often, so that they could ensure they would be able to sell those premined coins and make some profits immediately). Netcoin was one of the first coins created to not use pre-mine as an Initial Distribution method. In the past, coin creators would pre-mine (pocket for themselves essentially) a number of coins for a wide myriad of reasons with the ultimate goal of trying to make profits immediately. These crypto-currencies we like to call Scam Coins in the biz. With Netcoin, the developers of the original Coin Code made announcements of the coin’s release, and did not mine any coins before the official launch.