Netcoin Added to

Netcoin is now part of another Payment Service Processor!  This is just another step along the way for Netcoin in being accepting globally.  Thank you PayServices!

” PayServices is an IT solution provider that helps people, businesses and communities manage, share and exchange documents, values, information and commitments using cutting edge dedicated secure technologies.”

PayServices POS [Point Of Sale] terminal, payment and fidelity programs management terminal (as well the PayServices fidelity card), is a new approach to the way we use POS devices.
PayServices controls the entire flow of data between the moment when a card is swiped/inserted/read to the moment the funds and/or values are settled, which allows PayServices to bring new innovative & disruptive technologies with a simplicity never met before.

Not only the PayServices POS comes built-in with innovative integrations, but it is also updated regularly to incorporate new features. The PayServices POS is capable of reading EMV bank cards, as well the European type electronic ID, and the PayServices Debit Fidelity card.

New Vision

The Credit Card and Point Of Sales Terminals industry hasn’t evolved much in the past 40 years. While in the past it was common to have different actors each playing a different role in the chain of processes, the modern technologies push us to always be even more connected and integrated with the systems that we use. The Legacy models are evolving and this is where PayServices plays an important role. PayServices is, today, able to offer both Point of Sales Terminals, control the software running on the terminal device, control the connection between the POS and the clearing house, offer clearing house services such as Merchant Services, and much more all this connected to a powerful inventory and stock management tool that centralises all in one database both your products & services sold in bricks and mortars shops and online “virtual” electronic commerce transactions.

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