Proof of work has ended

Proof of Work has ended and Netcoin is now Proof of Stake only. Block 2500000 was the last block for POW and was found on iSpace pool

Its been fun mining Netcoin all the years and if we can remember this is not the first time POW has ended. We had turned it back on with input from the community and made it the flat 15 coin block reward, minus the random superblocks. We felt it was a good idea as POW miners were low and it was even profitable again to mine it at that low difficulty and in the altcoin boom we needed the network support.

As time and technology move forward those low difficulty blocks had soon run short and we seen some of the highest hashrates for netcoin proof of work. It would seem we had brought back the users and more and more started to look into POS and so it would be Netcoin has one of the best staking models and we find we no longer need POW.