Please if you don’t understand fair weight…  — check it out as it should be the standard of how a pos should function in our eyes.   POS is like mining but without the hardware. Well last time we checked the miners are verifying transactions which are also moving blocks..  This is super important that a coin can function to process transactions fast and efficient. We feel Netcoin has set the standard of how a true POS should function. With NET there is no nonsense of waiting 30 days or even a week… What good is that doing for the network to move blocks and process transactions….. Its not…  and it makes for a stale chain and eventually a dead one.  Netcoin has done away with this and makes a easy way for any newcomer to enjoy daily stakes and support a true network that care about the community and how a coin should function.  Also dodgy things like block splitting which in a normal POS (standard copy/paste) is not enforced by the NETwork and therefore should be seen as scammy at best. What coin “devs”  do is compile the public wallet to split your blocks while in the meantime the wallet the “dev” has is compiled under a set of rules to NOT split blocks.. remember these are “devs”  and I quote it because these guys care not for you or the well being of the coin and its user base, and are obviously only out for profits and their best interest. Let Netcoin set the standard of how POS should function and hope maybe one day another coin team will step up and support what is right and shun what is wrong with your standard pos.. until then we know of no other coin that supports what Netcoin has been doing for years. And that is decentralization and freedom to transact on a fair system everyone can appreciate, before, now, and years to come.  That’s the Netcoin standard.


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