Who developed the unique code for Netcoin’s fair weight POS back in 2014?

Yup! He sure did.. As most of the older users might remember on our old forum we had a developer that went by the name of “WHO”.  Well guess who is back. –pun intended 😀

That’s right, he’s back at it again and he has some new things in works for Netcoin that we feel everyone will appreciate. If you’ve not been following the forum you might want to give that a check and keep an eye on the project as he slowly works to see it happen. We have great faith he will make it happen but no promises or anything set in stone as of this time.

 Some of the notable goals WHO says he’s performing are:

  • Get NET running in C# .NET – because I’m a native c# coder and I love Visual Studio’s development environment and the fact it now runs on any platform. .Net Core (Standard) is really proving itself as a cross-platform development solution.
  • Minimise disruption to the NBitcoin codebase as I add the .NET specific code. This will simplify the task of staying up to date with the very latest desirable innovations from the bitcoin community going forwards (such as SPV ‘light weight’ wallet clients for mobile devices)
  • – Maintain compatibility (at least initially) with the current wallets (so no hard fork at this stage).  This might mean suppressing some of the latest bitcoin innovations initially, but then we could enable new features selectively based on the NET community wishlist. 
  • – Open up Proof of Stake, PIR, OWI, and the other Netcoin innovations to the millions of C# developers out there.
    Proof of Stake is not in Nicolas’ codebase at all, so that is my final main challenge, and its a tough one, but I’m confident I’ll get there and in a few weeks I’ll be happy with the results.  It took me about 4 months to get the Proof of Stake logic into NET in 2014, so I’m hoping that early into the new year, I’ll start seeing the entire Netcoin blockchain loading into Visual Studio.  That will be my second milestone.  (My first was getting the Netcoin genesis block loading and validating in .NET and I’ve already achieved that a few weeks ago)

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