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Proof of work has ended

Proof of Work has ended and Netcoin is now Proof of Stake only. Block 2500000 was the last block for POW and was found on iSpace pool Its been fun mining Netcoin all the years and if we can remember this is not the first time POW has ended. We had turned it back on […]

Netcoin in works for new exchange listing!

Netcoin has been voted to be added to another exchange!! The post on their twitter reads  “NETcoin is winner of the voting and will be added in 2 days. Next voting will be started on April 20”  https://twitter.com/CryptoHubONLI…/status/983232833106993152  

NETCOIN: Addition to TradeSatoshi

Netcoin has some great news guys.  You will now be able to buy/sell/trade your NET on another crypto-currency exchange: TradeSatoshi.com   https://tradesatoshi.com/Exchange/?market=NET_BTC https://tradesatoshi.com/Exchange/?market=NET_LTC https://tradesatoshi.com/Exchange/?market=NET_DOGE This comes at a wonderful time in NET’s lifecycle:  NET’s PIR (minting rewards) are at its lowest point, which is driving demand up!!

Netcoin Exchange Mania: NET on more exchanges

  Earlier this week we announced the addition of Netcoin to the cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex.  Now, you can trade, arb, and use NET on another exchange: BTCPool. This new addition of yet another exchange continues to open doors for the NET community to be able to use and implement the coin across the globe. Stay […]