The safe, fast and secure cryptocurrency network for your money.

Freedom. Access. Security.

Opening the gateway for a global economy

  • Secure Funds

    Protecting your money is crucial! Netcoin ensures that your money is fully secure, even more so than today's current banking system.

  • Safe Transactions

    You may safely spend and receive your Netcoin in any way you choose, anywhere in the world at anytime. No more snoopy banks watching what your earned!

  • Speedy Delivery

    We all want our pizza to come faster and we all know that is not possible! Netcoin brings you your funds faster than the pizza order even approves your card.

  • Future Security

    Netcoin is the future of all cryptographic currency that our world needs. Netcoin is a new value to hold that will last extremely well beyond the future.

Why love it?

  • The community behind NET is amazing, which is only second to the efforts going into building not just crypto, but a medium that brings people together, freeing them to be themselves.

  • This team and the engineers being Netcoin are making crypto easy.  Not only do you want to be part of the community, but you want to get out there and tell everyone "YOU HAVE TO CHECK NET OUT!"  Bitcoin..yeah, what about it.  I want my NETCOIN.

  • This is the currency of not just the future, but right now.  NET was built for the NET.


Why Netcoin?

Netcoin is a Foundation

Netcoin cares for the community and gives back!

Netcoin Funds Freedom!

Netcoin is the future of all cryptographic currency!

Netcoin is Safe, Trusted and Reliable!

Supported by merchants, miners and people globally!

100% Right to Privacy!

Unlike watchful banks, Netcoin is not centralized!

Earn Netcoin Back!

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And most importantly?

Netcoin Loves The World!

Proof of Stake

Many other coins currently are mine only and do not offer staking. Staking is a beautiful new way for everybody to have coins from mining, even without the extremely expensive equipment and electricity required! Introducing the new and revolutionary world of Stake mining! By simply carrying coins in your very own QT wallet, you will

Proof of Work

You can mine Netcoin at any time in the very comfort of your own very own home! Netcoin caters to the professional and novice miners equally which is what specifically makes Netcoin unique and one of the most stable, solid and best coins in the world today! Netcoin offers some of the best Scrypt mining there is

Ready To Be in Charge of Your Own Money?

If you are looking for the best way to save, secure and grow your hard earned finances, look no more, Netcoin is the solution to your confusion!